Mr. Takahashi Kosho is considered the founder of Hatsuratsu massage therapy. Takahashi Kosho comes from a small village in Japan. During the civil war, the war raged, Kosho’s village often had to evacuate to avoid war. Due to  long distance travel, and heavy loads, everyone in Kosho’s village showed signs of body aches and pains in the joints. The disease was getting worse, especially in the elderly.

During an evacuation from the enemy, Kosho walked through a forest and came across a beautiful stream, clear spring water with lots of pebbles. Too tired for continuous walking, Kosho immersed himself in the cool water and overslept. The relaxation that the stream brought to Kosho the following days made him unforgettable. Lying on pebbles, in the fresh stream, his body revived. The previous aches and pains completely disappeared. He realized the gentle movement of the stream and the round stones creating magical connections from nature with his body. Surprised by the use of magical currents, Kosho set up a house right next to the strange stream to uncover this mystery. Day by day, Kosho came to the stream where he observed, studied and felt the youth feeling the stream brought. When the water rose, unable to lie on the stream, Kosho even carried stones. He threw pebbles on the floor for  villagers to lay on, and put them in a bag to roll his feet daily. For 2 consecutive years, Kosho continuously investigated and experimented, but he still could not explain the mystery of the stream. Time couldn’t stop Kosho for his medical passion, and incidentally at one evening, Kosho finally discovered the hidden magic in this cool stream. It was a clear night, the bright white moon and the extremely quiet space, Kosho was thinking deeply by the stream, the images of stars accidentally reflecting the exact position of each stone on the stream. Kosho discovered that the flow and the round stone on the stream werecleverly and miraculously arranged, the flow of water through the stones has created continuous and different contact cycleson acupuncture points on human body, especially him. (because for other people the stones will not be able to contact  the same acupuncture points as Kosho). Kosho spent the next 5 years to understand deeply more about the magical cycles of the stream. Every time he discovered a circulation cycle on his body, Kosho went down the mountain to treat people around the area to test. Combined with the principle of circulation of blood on body signs, Kosho has created a miraculous method of reflexology and treatment of his own.

It is said that at that time, Kosho was invited to heal the king. Some time later, the king’s joint disease was not only relieved but also cured. The Emperor listened to Kosho’s story and named his method Hatsuratsu – A freshness, a reference to the feeling of the person after being treated by Kosho.

Kosho devoted his entire life to medicine so he never married. After his death, his student Takeshi, an orphan adopted by Kosho, succeeded the Kosho method. He accepted Kosho as his teacher and took his surname as his own last name Takeshi Takahashi. However, this student fell in love with the princess and was banished to the border areas. The method of Kosho since then has not been widely circulated.

Later, due to historical and social conditions, the Hasuratsu method of Kosho became less and less known. It was not until 1980 that Mr. Takahashi Natsuko, a descendant of the Takahashi family (originally a doctor), studied the Hasuratsu method of his ancestors to apply to the treatment of patients. Takahashi Natsuko is still engrossed in the beauty of each acupressure that Kosho left. He said, my ancestor’s knowledge is infinite, I still only initially set foot in the world that great man left.

In 1990, he collaborated with some friends to open a company specializing in researching and manufacturing health care products branded SAIZO. Inspired by the Hatsuratsu method of ancestors combined with other massage methods and in-depth research on massage chairs available on the market. SAIZO has created massage products using unique Hatsuratsu technology: massage chairs, cushions, massage pillows ….

The idea from the pebbles has been applied on the rollers of massage products. The rollers are arranged evenly throughout the painful positions, making deep impact on every position on your body such as calves, shoulders, hips, shoulders, back, nape making users feel very comfortable and relieved.

Over time, the roller in the chair is increasingly improved, capable of deep and authentic massage into some acupuncture points to create a feeling of authentic massage like the hand of a person massaging.