Bio Washing Liquid


Saizo bio-washing liquid

– Ingredients: Extract from Soap-berry, MC, nabenzoate, EDTA, CAB natural fragrance

– Uses:

Cleaning by biological fermentation method.

Deodorizing, bactericidal, especially mildew, creaing a protactive layer to protect garments, and it saves for all age in use. Keep colors of the fabrics as well as maintaining its softness of wool and silk fabrics.

Wasted water after washing continues to support and create a cleaning rivers, lakes, ponds, good for the ecological environment.

– How to use:

50ml of Saizo washing liquid for a regular wash (15-20 items of clothes). If there are more dirty clothes require, the dose maybe increased proportionally; If there are stubborn stains, Saizo washing liquid can be applied dirrectly to the stains and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing it; If there are soft fabrics such as wool, felt, silk which needs an extra care, then we might consider to apply an extra 3ml of Saizo washing liquid to keep its softness.

– Storage: Crol and dry place

– Volume: 2L

– Attention: Product can not be drinked, swallowed, and keep out of the reach of children.

– Assembly in Vietnam

– Copyright and Distributed by: Saizo Vietnam International Investment JSC.