Natural Shampoo


    ‘ Saizo Natural Shampoo

    Improving your hair condition.

    Saizo Natural Shampoo with ingredients extracted from precious herbs which help your hair to become naturally clean, safe and extra strong.

    Our herbal shampoo wil provide a refreshing pleasure while helping circulate blood all over the scalp.

    – Ingredients:

    Extract from Soap-berry, Frywood, Flowery Knotweed, Betel grass, and Mulberry leaves.

    Cetyl alcohol, HEC, Nobenzolic, EDTA.

    +Essential oil of Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Basil, and Coriandrum.

    – How to use:

    Apply Shampoo to wet-hair, gently scrubing the scalp and rinse after 2 minutes.

    – Storage: Cool and dry place

    – Volume: 500ml

    – Attention: Product can not be drinked, swallowed, and keep out of the reach of children.

    – Assembly in Vietnam

    – Copyright and Distributed by: Saizo Vietnam International Investment JSC.